A restaurant’s guide to data-driven customer experiences

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Data Driven Personalization

Making real time personalization practical

Personalized customer experience is no longer a debatable goal, it is necessary for customer relationships. Customers today expect personalization and have little patience when they cannot find what they need from a brand.

Consumers demand more personalized experiences, but brands have been slow to deliver

Adapting personalization is slow across the restaurant industry. What is needed is putting the tools and processes in place for delivering personalization whereat is warranted and for each critical touch point. This will leave you more time to focus on high value tasks like campaign creation, idealization, and organization. With the right customer insights, take advantage of data-driven experience, optimization and targeting to discover where to focus your efforts and fine-tune each stage in their customer’s journey.

What does data do for personalization?

To reach your personalization goals, you need a clear direction — what does your vision for a personalized engagement with your customers look like? How to structure the customer journey? And you need the right vehicle to get you there. Not just that, you need automation that increases

your control. With data, you get automated journey that you can customize and fine-tune to achieve your desired result. With real time data, you can instantly monitor results, create experiences and marketing that reach your audiences in a meaningful way.

When customers arrive at your restaurant, you have an opportunity to progressively gather data and begin to learn about them: their interests, what motivates them, how you can affect their actions. The wealth of information huge. With smart tools and platforms, you can instantly recognize and match patterns and predicts the best path for your customers. Two obvious benefits — you deliver much more effective customer experiences, and you aren’t spending so many hours hunched over your analytics trying to figure out which data in your customer profiles is actually predictive.

Data + Targeting: AI + Targeting: Adopt, Expand, and Embed

Data Driven

In order for brands to achieve personalization, they must step through the stages we call adopt, expand, and embed.

ADOPT: Customer journeys begin as anonymous footfall to a touch point. Unknown customers are individuals that are totally anonymous and you have little to no data about them. No name, no email address, no purchase tracking, no order level detail. The goal with unknown customers should be turning them into known customers. The best way to turn those unknown customers into known customers is to provide them with points of engagement where you can capture relevant data. To increase your bottom line, you must focus on capturing robust data about your unknown customers so you can further engage them. The ultimate hope is to turn these customers into loyal customers because, on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase.

EXPAND: Customers leave and you want them back. After laying the foundation with customer data, expand your reach with relevant engagement with your customers, enhancing their experiences. When you successfully target and reach out to your customers, it also gives you an opportunity to capture deeper insights and data about them so you can offer the most relevant and personalized experiences.

EMBED: Nothing about the customer experience or your marketing is static. At this stage, you need to solidifying your program and ensure that you are delivering a top notch personalized customer experience that promotes brand loyalty.

Your future with data

Understanding your customers — making sense of all the wealth of data you have about them. You need actionable business insights, automated processes and campaigns. This is where you and Mobikon create a beautiful union. Tap into the power of rapid-fire insights as you see the data, conclusions, and decisions. Enhance your vision and bring it to Mobikon for a blueprint on how to progress.

If you’re ready to bring the power of artificial intelligence to your personalization, contact us.

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