How to Increase Average Bill Size Using Birthday Rewards

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Birthday Rewards

Birthdays are known for a few things: Cake. Balloons. Confetti. And, more recently, an inbox full of birthday rewards from your favorite brands. It’s more important than ever to make customers feel special, and birthday rewards have become as common as candles on a cake. It’s likely you’ve at least thought about offering your customers a special birthday reward, but doing so is no longer just a kind gesture – most customers expect it.

Today, we’re sharing insightful ways you can engage your customers and drive more revenue using birthday rewards. It’s a piece of cake.

Personalize birthday rewards to stand out

With an inbox full of special offers competing for your customers’ attention though, how will you stand out from the noise? We’ll give you a hint… substantial results don’t come from a one-off giveaway.

The answer is to automate your birthday rewards with smart customer engagement. Mobikon gathers purchase history data and other important behavioral information to make a unique profile for each loyalty member. It gives you a 360-degree profile of your customer that allows you to unlock deeper insights and gives you the ability to send highly relevant and targeted offers.

Retire blanket discounts. Use customer engagement to provide a personalized offer that will stand out among the masses.

Think outside the inbox

The average person receives over a hundred email per day. With so many businesses competing for customers attention via email, it can be challenging to stand out and send a birthday reward that warrants attention.
A great solution is to take the birthday reward mobile. Modern customer engagement moves beyond the inbox into the palm of your customer’s hand, and mobile engagement rates are 20x higher than email.

Measure the exact revenue generated from birthday campaigns

Birthday CampaignReward programs from the past might offer the ability to see redemption rates, but they won’t give you a complete insight proving revenue generated and direct impact on customer behavior. Mobikon captures behavior data along with the transactional data that allows you to learn how much revenue is generated from every individual birthday campaign. You’ll get to see how much more customers spend from birthday rewards as compared to other times.


Break out the balloons. Customers deserve to feel special on their birthdays. Customers celebrating their special days provide a substantial boost to average bill value and drive important incremental revenue. Use the methods we’ve shared today to bring in special celebrations all year round.

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