Know Your Customers Better with Insights

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customer insights

Every business has loyal customers who visit often, spend more than the average customer, and drive a large portion of revenue. However, most restaurants don’t know who these customers are, or how to reach them in a personal and targeted way.

Mobikon’s smart data platform with insights show you who each of your customers are, identifies both their spending and visiting behaviors, and empower you to reach your best customers in a personalized way.

Go from Unknown customers to Known

Mobikon enables you to build personal relationships with your loyal customers by using segmented communications and targeted offers. Insights will transform your customer engagement strategy when you go from having unknown customers, to building personal relationships with those who visit and spend the most. Mobikon ensures that you send the right message to the right person at the right time, in an automated and seamless way.

Use data with actionable insights

Mobikon’s intelligent data platform will capture a complete view of your customers’ spending and visiting behaviour. The more insights you have around each of your customers, the more you are able to engage them, and even win them back if they stop visiting. Customer data enables smarter decisions by letting you know what your customers buy, how often and when they visit, and much more.

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Understand customers by revenue contribution

Focus on the 20% of your customers who drive 80% of your revenue. With Mobikon, you can see which percentage of your customers contribute to your revenue the most. You will also be able to track the revenue of each campaign you send to your customers. These insights will reveal how much revenue was generated by each campaign, how many of your customers made a purchase after receiving the campaign and measure growth over time.

Mobikon captures robust data and provide you with the information you need to know your customers better, send them personalized and targeted messages that will grow your business and your relationships.

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