Attracting new customers is a vital part of your business’s growth—but it doesn’t always have to be expensive. That’s why we built tools that delight your customers.

Launch your Loyalty Program
Sign up customers
Customize their experience
Redeem rewards with ease
Unique rewards for unique experience
Launch your Loyalty Program

Turn your new customers to repeat loyal members. Pick up from a wide range of pre designed loyalty programs to suit your restaurant and customers.

Sign up customers

No complications, easy sign up with just a phone number. From there we take care of it all. Keep track of the points, offers and rewards based on where they are in their journey with your restaurant.

Customize their experience

Use our Global Customer Profiling to create personalized offers for your customers. Customize and segment the experience as per gender, age, spending habits and preferences to send your customers deals relevant to them.

Redeem rewards with ease

Every time the customer visits your restaurant all they need is their phone number. They ear rewards and you get a chance to interact with them with Automated Marketing. 

Unique rewards for unique experience

Points could go toward earning a free appetizer, an item or choice or value. Customization up to you and what would delight your customers. It's that simple.

Self Serve Loyalty

for the Busy ones


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If you are a busy restaurant with limited staff bandwidth and you think running a loyalty program can be a complex affair, we have just the thing for you. What if customers take charge of their own program? Mobikon brings you ‘Self Serve Loyalty’ a simple solution via a customer facing Loyalty device. Customers can start using their Loyalty from a tabletop kiosk at the restaurant with just a phone number and automatically receive offer, gifts, rewards, and points.

How It Works

  • Simple Signup with Phone number and OTP
  • Design your loyalty program with customized offers and promotions
  • Encourage more visits and spends
  • Engage with your loyal customers with Automated Campaigns
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Turn search into transaction and acquire new customers.

Online Ordering

No more high margins and transactional costs. Eliminate the need of third-party online ordering platforms.

Let customers browse through your menu, customize orders and pay for their takeaway or delivery orders online.

Integrated with multiple payment gateways.

Reduce costs and eliminate errors from staff handling orders on calls.

Send customized offers and deals based on your customers buying behavior and preferences.

Don’t turn away new customers


Book Reservations from your Website and Social Media to avoid turning customers away.

Know your customers and personalize experience from the moment they arrive till they leave.

Manage tables more efficiently to reduce wait time and elevate the customer experience.

Never miss out on any customer and elevate customer experience with instant alerts and automated marketing.

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Data collected and summarized for you.


Easy CRM integration with POS & Wireless providers

Gain insight into customer behavior and purchase patterns to provide customized service

Your one directory for all your customer info, reward program, offers and promotions

Real-time actionable analytics to help you see what needs to be improved and how.

Find out how Mobikon helps you keep your customers returning for More

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Meet Mobi Ninja!

Keeping up with your customers doesn't have to take up all your time. Mobi Ninja does it all for you, Automagically!

Marketing automation at your fingertips.

Getting new customers is good, but return visits are even better. Engage with your new customers by sending personalized offers they cant resist.

Create an automated campaign or build your own, sit back and let us do the magic. Continually deliver the perfectly timed right offer to the right group of customers that get them coming back and spending more.

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Custom Campaigns

Customize and build your own one-time campaign or make an announcement to your customers.

Deliver personalized messages that drive more conversions with targeted offers and promotions.

Create custom campaigns then walk away and see sales jump.

Offline to Online Campaigns

Reach specific contacts or find new ones with Facebook ads.

Target your existing customers and other users on Facebook.

Display relevant ads on social media even after your visitors leave your restaurant.

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Measure customer satisfaction after every purchase before it goes online.


Do away with paper forms, capture data digitally and build your customer database.

Resolve issues faster with real-time alerts and take corrective actions while it still matters.

Enjoy flexibility with multichannel. Gather feedback on Tabs, SMS, Email, NFC or through a QR code.

Identify a negative feedback and turn into customer delight with ‘Win Back’ Campaign

Restaurant review sites have an impact on where diners choose to eat.

Review Management

Attract new customers by boosting your positive reviews.

Manage your online restaurant reviews all at one place.

Don’t miss another review with real-time alerts.

Gain insights on what your customers like or don’t like in your restaurant from their reviews.

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Your acquired customers, engaged and delighted them, Time to measure

It all starts and ends with knowing your customers personally. Mobikon enables you to record all your customers' data and use AI to predict their behaviors. Understand your customers' lifecycle and make smart business decisions easily.

Capture Customer Details.

Smart CRM

In todays world knowing your customer is critical. Our CRM powered by AI, predicts behavior of your customers by capturing and tracking their data and share intelligent insights that enable you to make smart decisions. With artificial intelligence you now can improve and automate your sales forcast.

Turn searches into transactions and acquire new customers.

Global Customer Profiling

Not every customer is the same. With Global Customer Profiling at your fingertips, you now have the power of rich data to segment your customers based average check, visits per month, lifetime value, what they buy, when they buy, and much more.
Drive smart insights to run specific campaigns and engage with your customers effectively.

Real Time alerts, notifications and reporting.

Quick CRM

Run your restaurant from anywhere with real-time reporting. enable smooth communication between management and staff. Now you could create and share the reports at the click of a button.

Get real-time alerts that enable instant communication with your customers & employees to streamline the customer service standards & operations of your restaurant.

Performance with reports and ROI.

Measure Campaign Impact

Easily track how your campaigns are performing with ROI and revenues and not just views and clicks.

In-depth analysis and reporting on customer behavior. Create your own reports or use inbuilt easy to use comprehensive templates.

Get started with Mobikon

Don’t just take our word for it

“Mobikon has proven to be a great tool and investment for us and our numbers show it! The platform gives us data on the frequency of our customer visits and allows us to send them offers accordingly to keep them coming back. We have been able to convert a good number of our new customers to repeat customers here at Lanterns which is why we have started Mobikon's product at our new venture Pikkle too.”

Sunit SahniOwner, Lanterns and Pikkle

“One of the most important aspects of refining a marketing campaign is targeting customers at the right time. Mobikon’s Automated email campaigns are time-saving and help us drive customer loyalty with specially curated offers that make our customers happy.”

SK Restaurants

“Mobikon is an integrated customer insight management system which has enabled us to understand our guests in a unique way. The user friendly UI enables us to tirelessly collect and analyze data, this makes it way easier to understand our customers and improve our service standards.”

MickyCOO, Diva