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Bistro Group captures 1 Million customer data

By July 4, 2019 No Comments
Mobikon Ad 3 - Bistro Group captures 1 Million customer data

Bistro Group captures 1 Million customer data and gets 4X increase in customer engagement using Mobikon while increasing 3.5X repeat customers

In the past, Bistro Group felt like they were flying blind without really knowing who their customer was and how to talk to them other than in the restaurant. Thanks to Mobikon, Bistro Group has now captured over 1 million diner data on different customer attributes which enables them to engage their best customers in targeted, meaningful, and personalized ways.

Unique Profiles
Customer Engagement
Active Users
Repeat Customer

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Mobikon’s  AI powered automated customer engagement platform captures robust data, use it to retain customers and drive incremental revenue in real time. It’s the modern way to get to know your customers and grow your revenue at the same time.

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