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How Piccadilly Square Engages with its Best Customers

By August 14, 2019 No Comments
Piccadilly Square

The challenge

Building and maintaining customer relationships is critical for smaller businesses today, especially for restaurants that find themselves competing with behemoths.

Piccadilly Square (PS) needed to manage all their customer contact information and data in one place and be able to use one platform to create and send campaigns to engage their customers, build relationships, and measure the results of their efforts.

The approach

Piccadilly Square was already building a robust list of customer profiles using Mobikon’s Feedback solution. Then, in just a few clicks, PS was able to segment it’s customers based on their interests, spend and visit patterns, create and send emails and SMS to their targeted list of customers.

Piccadily Square Statistics

PS efforts paid off! They were able to instantly measure the results of their campaigns. Mobikon helps PS single out their best customers and engage them with personalized outreach. Research shows it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. By focusing on their customers, PS ensures that its customers come back to them after a great experience.

Piccadily Square Statistics

Piccadilly Square (PS) is a casual dining and dessert parlor with 2 outlets in Kolkata, India. They have been with Mobikon since 2015.


Mobikon’s  AI powered automated customer engagement platform captures robust data, use it to retain customers and drive incremental revenue in real time. It’s the modern way to get to know your customers and grow your revenue at the same time.

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