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How targeting the right customer drove 3X more repeat customers for Degustibus

By September 19, 2019 No Comments

In recent years, restaurants have been driving several programs in an effort to drive repeat visits and generate more predictable revenue. Degustibus was missing out on opportunities to identify and retain their loyal customers and had no way of reaching out to communicate with them. That all changed when they started using Mobikon to segment and target customers and engage with them in meaningful ways to drive traffic into their restaurants.

Unique Consumer Profiles

Degustibus have loyal customers who they wanted to encourage to visit more. Mobikon segments existing customers by their spend and visit history and uses this information to identify customers that are most likely to visit more so they can be targeted with personalized messages and incentives.

Now with 3X repeat customers, Degustibus is able to build a more dependable recurring revenue model for growth and increase the lifetime value of each customer. Both smart bets for their business.


Mobikon provided a hassle-free user experience for Degustibus, while also giving them better clarity around customer data.

More than 5000 businesses who have discovered the modern way of connecting to their customers. Learn how we can help you engage your customers and generate revenue and positive ROI.

Brands of Degustibus

deGustibus Hospitality was established in early 1996 to develop and run high-quality restaurants, hotels and F&B related services. The company enjoys a reputation as one of the finest hospitality companies in India, with very successful restaurants under its umbrella.

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