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Making each and every customer experience memorable

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ABR Holdings Limited (“ABR”) began as the first full-service Swensen’s ice cream restaurant in Singapore back in 1979. The Swensen’s brand with restaurants across Singapore remains one of the market leaders in the western casual dining category.

Getting customers expediently through the line is a top priority. They wanted to continue to develop and evolve their brand to widen customer base, attract new customers and ensure that they remain relevant for generations to come.

The brand uses the out-of-the-box customer feedback and NPS features from Mobikon across their 2 brands and 26 outlets to effectively capture real-time customer feedback and respond personally ensuring a high rate of return. Mobikon measures customer satisfaction and sentiment after every purchase — in real-time, in private, and tied to specific, actual customers which helps the brand quickly zero in on feedback without having to manually sort through, categorize, or analyze the feedback for common trends. Mobikon does it all for them.

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Swensens CS1 web 01 - Making each and every customer experience memorable

The guest feedback they get using Mobikon has been an absolute game-changer for the brand. When they get feedback from Mobikon, they know exactly who guests are; how often they visit, how much they spend, and which locations they visit. In the past, the feedback they got from social media sites had no data about who guests were and they didn’t have a good way to respond. Now they are empowered to respond personally to guests ensuring they address any issues and keep them coming back again and again.

Swensens CS web 01 - Making each and every customer experience memorable

Smart restaurant marketing with Mobikon

Mobikon is helping ABR elevate their customer engagement experience that is personal, engaging and builds relationships with their best guests. Mobikon is an automated customer data and engagement platform for offline, multi-location businesses. Learn how we can help you engage your customers and generate revenue and positive ROI.

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