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Mobikon Presents – A Podcast Series, Episode 2

By August 29, 2019 No Comments

A series of Podcasts made keeping Restauranteurs in mind. A collection of original stories, testimonials and inspiration that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. Words from remarkably unexpected people sharing their journey, what makes their brand stand out, their successes and failures, and how Mobikon is their marketing secret weapon.

Episode 2, The Changing Face of Restaurant Personalization and Customer Experience

In a busy, crowded, speedy casual dining environment, offering a personalized experience is incredibly challenging. Thankfully, smart restaurants like Levitate are adapting new technologies that enable restaurants of every size to offer their customers a uniquely tailored experience every time they come to dine.

Join John Victor, General Manager of Levitate Brewery & Kitchen to know about the changing face of restaurant personalization and customer experience.


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