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mReserve 2.0

By June 10, 2019 No Comments

You asked. We Listened.

Since the beginning, user experience has been a core part of how we build products. It’s what differentiates us. In our endeavour to make easy to use tools for our merchants, we’ve designed new navigation to help you focus on your customers and get you what you want on mReserve.

New Reservation

Capturing a new reservation is now super easy

Now you can easily add new reservations and separate your walk-in, waitlist and reservations with our new interface.

Know your diners

Access a detailed diner profile while making a new reservation. Then WOW them with a personalized touch and better experience.

Navigate Swiftly

Navigate swiftly

Quick views of upcoming Reservations, Tables, Waitlist and Seated diners enables quick action at your fingertips.

Simplified Table Management

Now view occupancy status, customer details, manage your table from a single view and also check-out the diner in a single click.

Simplified Table Management

Mobikon has expanded becoming a leading platform for restaurants of all sizes. Today, we help millions of customers around the world grow their own way. As our merchants’ needs have evolved, our business and products have evolved along with them. We have built our new user experience to keep up with the latest in the industry.

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